Studios | Wednesday 19th December 2018

More Yoga

In order to maintain a yoga routine, I need to find studios close to either where I live or where I work, with classes happening at convenient times. I changed job in August and my new office was located near Angel whereas the previous one was loc...

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Gear & accessories | Monday 10th December 2018

Festive season picks

Let’s face it: festive season is great but sometimes it makes it harder to take time for self-care. With Christmas shopping to do, Christmas and NYE plans to prepare and all these mince pies and glasses of mulled wine that seem to spring up in front of...

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Mindfulness | Monday 3rd December 2018

Yamas & Niyamas - the personal values

“A value is a value when you value it” - Sudhir Rishi. You can’t force a value. What I mean by this is that if something fundamentally matters to you, then it’s gonna shine through your actions and thoughts. If you value some...

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Interviews | Saturday 24th November 2018

Catherine Weston

I've met quite a few yoga teachers since I started my yoga journey and some of them have had a very important role. Their vibes, flows, cues resonated with me. Today I want to introduce you to ...

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Gear & accessories | Monday 12th November 2018

Props: why and how to use them

I’ve been wanting to write an article about my favourite props for a while, mainly because I think that props overall don’t get the recognition they deserve. For a long time, I wasn’t keen on using them as I perceived it as failing. “That’s because I’m...

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My training | Tuesday 23rd October 2018

YTT: Final week

It’s 7am on Tuesday and I feel like I’m having a lie in. Almost all the students have left Sampoorna, only a few who are travelling before heading back home are attending the daily drop in classes. It’s pretty obvious that we’re having a hard time to l...

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