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Studios | Wednesday 19th December 2018
CyrièleBy Cyrièle

In order to maintain a yoga routine, I need to find studios close to either where I live or where I work, with classes happening at convenient times. I changed job in August and my new office was located near Angel whereas the previous one was located in West London. As a matter of fact, I had to find a new yoga studio.

I knew More Yoga from reputation as a few yoga teachers I practice with teach there as well. Also, one of my new colleague - and now friend - Christina told me she had a membership and she usually went to the studio in Harringay, near her place. That’s how I decided to try More Yoga intro offer and explore a few of their yoga studios across London.

The studio

I personally went to 4 different locations in London but More Yoga offers 18 in total. I first visited the studio in Harringay with my friend Christina for a Rocket yoga class (my favourite). The teacher was very nice and her cues were super helpful. I remember she helped me with my handstand and she also had a great sense of humour. After this class, I tried the studio in Exmouth market, Clerkenwell, which is a very small yet cosy studio located in the basement of the restaurant Hummus Bro. Unfortunately I think this studio closed a few weeks ago. I then tried the studio in Aldgate, which is big and bright. I had a couple of classes there, such as Power yoga and Jivamukti. Finally, I tried the Old Street studio for a few Yin classes afterwork. I even took my boyfriend there. The Old Street studio is slightly smaller, in a basement. The yellow lights altogether with the white walls and the black mats create a very warm and cosy atmosphere.

Each studio I’ve been to only has one room, which means that there’s only one class happening at a time per location. There are a few changing rooms available but no shower. The teacher usually opens the studio and handles check in (or actually students can self check in using a tablet). It keeps things very simple and straight forward which I think is great. Props are available: Lululemon mats, straps, bolsters and blocks.


As I mentioned, I’ve tried various types of classes at More Yoga. Some dynamic ones (Rocket, Power yoga, Jivamukti) and some quiet ones (Yin). I’ve also seen on their timetables some classic Vinyasa classes as well, Ashtanga and even Mandala flows that I’d love to try (and learn how to teach too!). There’s also a large variety of teachers so I’m pretty sure that you’ll find the right fit for what you need.


Studios are clean and tidy. There’s definitely a cosy vibe going on which I guess comes from both the spaces and the colours used in studios (I’m very sensitive to colours), but I also like the ego-less vibe there. Definitely not a space where one might feel judged for how fit they look or how deep they can go into postures. It’s very laid back yet teachers will push you if you want a bit of a challenge.


There’s a great intro offer whereby you get 20 days of yoga for £15. This offer lets you try any studio and any class as long as it’s only one class per day. Currently there’s an offer £20 for 30 days. More Yoga also offers membership which to be honest are very interesting: £32/month for 4 classes a month (which equals to one class a week, roughly), £50/month for 8 classes a month (2 classes a week), £65/month for 12 classes a month (3 classes a week), or unlimited access for £75/month. If you’re not ready to commit yet (although the membership commitment is only 2 months minimum), More Yoga offers passes where classes cost as low as £6.50. Discounts for students and blue card holders too. In a nutshell, you get both quality and affordability.


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