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Modo Yoga

Studios | Tuesday 3rd July 2018
CyrièleBy Cyrièle

I'm what I like to call a travelling yogi. What I mean by this is that I like to practice in studios all around the world. When I go on holidays I always look up studios around the place I'm staying at. Whilst practicing with new teachers and trying new methods, it helps making progress, understanding new things or seeing them from a different angle. Every single teacher explains postures in its own way, or see things through their own personal prism. Making multiple experiences deepens one's understanding, both on the physical and the spiritual level of the yoga practice.

I'm currently living in London but I spend a lot of time in Paris. Therefore I've tried quite a few yoga places over there already. Today I'm gonna talk about Modo Yoga - a hot yoga studio located in the 11th arrondissement of Paris, next to Bastille tube station. I was delighted to find out about this studio as I really like hot yoga but I don't particularly like Bikhram yoga. Modo Yoga offers classes that I'd call hot Hatha (Modo yoga), but also hot vinyasa (Modo flow). I've tried both and, as I usually prefer vinyasa, unsurprisingly my favourite classes over there are Modo flow. Also, this studio is located around the corner of my place - so convenient! If I was still living in Paris I could go every single morning before work. Perfect!

The studio

The studio is located 21 boulevard Richard Lenoir in the 11th arrondissement, on the ground floor of a building located in between the boulevard Richard Lenoir and rue Amelot. There's a passage going from the boulevard to rue Amelot and that goes through the building, allowing people to access it from both ends. As you enter the studio, you can find shelves on the left hand side to leave your shoes on, the reception desk at the back and the shopping area on the right. Accessories - mats, blocs, straps and towels - are from Manduka, a great brand designed by yoga teachers, for yogis. It's always nice to practice with good quality props.

There are 2 classrooms in the studio: a big one and a smaller one. A changing room with showers and lockers. The big classroom is very bright and heated up to 38 degrees. The studio is really clean and well maintained.


I talked about it earlier, Modo yoga Paris offers 2 types of classes, both exist in 60 or 90 minutes formats, with or without music, in English, French or Frenglish. I prefer 60 minute classes, with music, and in english. I always listen to music as it helps me focus (at yoga and at work). But I know that it can be distracting for some people. It's great that you can have the choice!

The Modo Yoga class is a classic Hatha type of class; it's not a flow, meaning that there aren’t transitions between postures. On the other hand, Modo Flow classes are Vinyasa type of classes, where each posture transition to the next one. Flow classes are usually more intense as they are dynamic, and transitions require control.


I went to Modo Yoga Paris 3 times and each time I had a different yoga teacher. Each teacher I practiced with was unquestionably qualified and experienced yet really lovely. They gave me some advice and helped me get into postures. They even let me work on my pincha in another room that was free after the end of the class.


The taster class at Modo Yoga Paris is 19 euros. The following classes are 25 euros each. There’s a welcome offer too - unlimited classes for a month is 59 euros. Then it’s 99 euros. Apart from monthly contract, it’s possible to buy 10 or 20 class passes.


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