#2 Guided Meditation & Pranayama — 10min video

#2 Guided Meditation & Pranayama — 10min video

Meditation & Pranayama | Sunday 29th November 2020
CyrièleBy Cyrièle

Today I'm sharing with you another 10min meditation and pranayama video, to focus on the present moment, reconnect your body and mind, and calm the flow of your thoughts. In this video, we will practice Nadi Shodhana, alternate breathing, particularly effective to soothe anxiety and regain concentration.

In a few days the second UK lockdown will end and shops, gyms, pubs and other businesses will reopen their doors. However, London - like most parts of England - will remain on tier 2 alert level, which means, among other things, that indoor gatherings of members of several households will remain prohibited. The government has decided to make an exception for Christmas and will allow 3 households to come together for a period of 5 days during the Christmas holidays. Whether it's France or the United Kingdom, year 2020 is putting us to the test and depriving us of what is most important: our community. Whether it's our friends or our family, being deprived of these social bonds is difficult because we are not meant to be alone.

I have recorded this meditation and pranayama video to help you cope during this difficult time. Personally, the practice of yoga, meditation and breathing exercises has played a major role in the way I managed throughout this health crisis.

If you wish, you can use this Spotify playlist during meditation practice.

If you want to practice yoga with me, I teach live yoga classes (dynamic and static via Zoom 4 times a week, or you can find some of my videos via my yoga on-demand platform.


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