#1 Guided Meditation & Pranayama — 10min video

#1 Guided Meditation & Pranayama — 10min video

Meditation & Pranayama | Monday 2nd November 2020
CyrièleBy Cyrièle

In this 10 minute video, I invite you to focus on your breath, isolate your belly breathing from your chest breathing, and lengthen your exhalations to slow down your heart rate and relax.

As I'm writing these words, the British government has just announced a new lockdown. This announcement comes a few days after a similar one in France. Here, gyms and yoga studios will have to close their doors again from Thursday on. The so-called "non-essential" businesses will have to cease their activity, which means that hundreds of thousands of people will find themselves without any income, and in complete financial uncertainty.

Practicing meditation will probably not solve all of these problems, but it will allow you to face the situation with clarity and perspective. Today I am offering you a 10min guided meditation video that you can listen to anywhere, whenever you feel the need.

If you wish, you can use this Spotify playlist during the meditation practice.

I want to do my best to help people cope in this difficult time. Do not hesitate to leave your comments under this article if you liked this video or if you did not like it. With your feedback, I will surely make more.


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Sonia | Monday 2nd November 2020

Bravo et merci !!!!!

Cyrièle | Monday 2nd November 2020

De rien :) Contente que ça te plaise!

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